Craving addressed @mlnguyen10  (at Cafe Cuong)

#halloween #dfw (at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW))

at Fitler Square

Associations ruin perfectly good songs.

@deschutesbrew welcome to Philly!! Finally can get my mirror pond fix #regram
Made a massive stack of challah french toast
Before (the oven)



What the city is missing: Thierry Cohen photographs cityscapes and then photographs deserts at night, combing the two to show us what our cities would look like with the lights off. The stars are not enhanced, they are actual photos from relative latitudes that would expose the same starry sky view if it weren’t for light pollution. Click on each photo to see which city it is.

Light pollution and pollution in general

Pretty much what the night skies looked like over most of Bolivia

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Dreams come true. Eating & drinking at Claus Meyer’s Gustu! (at Gustu)
Paraíso (at Holandes Hostel)
at Ilha Grande
at Jardim Botânico
Brazil I love you selarón (at Escadaria de Selarón)
at Walk On The Beach Hostel